One-component light-cured fluor-varnish and sealant of dentin tubules.

Light-cured bi-fluoride varnish for the treatment of tooth tissue hyperesthesia, caries prevention and sealing of dentinal tubules.tubules.



  • Prevention of caries.
  • Tooth fluoridation.
  • Decrease of sensitivity in areas adjacent to the root canals.
  • Protection from carious in the cervical areas.
  • Local fluoridation after routine therapeutic procedures and polishing.
  • Local suppression of bacterial activity.
  • Post-operative treatment of the etched enamel.
  • Insulation of the tooth surface of the teeth after mechanical treatment.
  • Insulation of cavities which creates a protective barrier.
  • Sealing of dentinal tubules.


  • Includes active micro-suspension of calcium fluoride and bioactive glass containing calcium fluoride phosphate.
  • Optimum flowability allows to form a fairly thin layer which is very convenient especially for protecting areas close to the root canals.
  • F&A Biflu LC also contains timol which has a strong antibacterial activity.
  • Components of the varnish are suppliers of ions of fluoride, calcium and phosphorus saturating tooth tissues and having   a strong therapeutic prophylactic effect.
  • Light-cured varnish.
  • F&A Biflu LC is transparent and does not cause discoloration  of the teeth.


  • Surfaces to be treated with F&A Biflu LC must be thoroughly cleaned and air-dried
  • Put a drop or two of the varnish on the mixing pad.
  • Apply a thin layer of the varnish on the surfaces to be treated with the help of applicator. Avoid making a too thick layer.
  • Let the varnish soak into the tooth tissue for a few seconds and then dry the treated surface with air.
  • Light-Cure the applied layer with a Light Unit (usually 10 seconds is enough).
  • Remove the layer inhibited by oxygen with a cotton roller.
  • In case of proper application and proper oral care the material stays on the surface of the teeth for several weeks.
  • To put the varnish onto the bottom of the cavity place a drop of F&A Biflu LC on the application brush and apply a layer of it on the walls of the cavity to be prepared.
  • Let the varnish soak into the tooth tissue for a few seconds and then dry the treated surface with air.
  • Finally F&A Biflu LC forms a film insoluble in water environment.
  • The application of F&A Biflu LC is followed by a standard therapeutic procedure.



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