Bifluoride varnish.

Bifluoride varnish for fluoridation of teeth, treatment of tooth tissue hyperesthesia, prevention of caries and sealing of dentinal tubules.



  • Fluoridation of teeth for dental caries prevention.
  • Local fluoridation after therapy and polishing procedures.
  • Decrease of sensitivity of hard tissues of the teeth
  • Sealing of the dentinal tubules and creation of a protective barrier in the cavities.
  • Erosion protection in the cervical areas.
  • Insulation of the tooth surface of the teeth after mechanical processing.
  • Post-operative treatment of enamel areas affected by acid.
  • Local inhibition of bacterial activity.


  • F&A Biflu is a quick-drying chemical varnish, comfortable for both the doctor and the patient.
  • Contains calcium and sodium fluoride micro-suspensions.
  • The high flowability of F&A Biflu allows you to form a fairly thin layer, which is very convenient especially when protecting areas close to the root canals.
  • Contains thymol which provides a good antibacterial effect.
  • Fluorides of calcium and sodium are sources of fluoride ions which fill tooth tissues and have a strong therapeutic effect in isolating the bottom of the cavities, as well as they are topically used as a prophylaxis against caries.
  • The material is transparent and does not cause discoloration of the teeth.


  • Surfaces to be treated with F&A Biflu must be thoroughly cleaned and air dried.
  • Soak a foam applicator with one or two drops of the  drug  and then apply the drug with a thin layer on the surfaces which should be treated.
  • To isolate cavities use an application brush with the help of which you should apply a layer of F&A Biflu on the walls and bottom of the prepared cavity.
  • Avoid forming a layer that is too thick as a thick layer is easier to be removed from the surface of the teeth.
  • Let the varnish soak into the tooth tissue for a few seconds and then dry the treated surface with air.
  • After drying F&A Biflu forms a waterproof film that, if properly applied and properly cured, remains on the teeth for several days.