Highly aesthetic fiber bulks for making adhesive bridge prostheses.

Adhesive bridge prostheses allow to completely eliminate or delay the use of traditional methods of indirect prostheses in which there is a great loss of tooth tissues.



  • F&A FiberBulks are made of transparent quartz fibers bonded to each other with high-strength epoxy binder.
  • The refraction indices of epoxy resin and quartz fibers are carefully selected and very close, which makes it possible to mask the bulk well with a composite material.
  • Indicators of elasticity, elasticity and thermal expansion are close to those of the dentin of the tooth.
  • Surface roughness of the bulks of about 10 microns facilitates micromechanical adhesion to the composite.
  • Excellent aesthetic result.
  • Inertness and biocompatibility with living tissues of the tooth.
  • F&A FiberBulks do not require special treatment.

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