Light-curied fluorine-containing composite material for fissure sealing.

F&A Fisfill is a photopolymer fluorine-containing composite material for sealing fissure sealing with improved thixotropy and a high degree of adhesion to etched enamel.



  • Sealing of fissures and pits.
  • Performing micro-restorations.
  • Using as the first layer for large composite restorations in cavities with a C-factor equal to 5.


  • Filling – special bioactive glass containing calcium- flour- phosphate;
  • Prolonged output of ions of fluoride, calcium and phosphate which can re-mineralize tooth tissues and prevent caries.
  • The average size of the bioactive filler particles is 0.4 microns.
  • High fullness of material (about 50%).
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and durability.
  • Thixotropic.
  • Radiopacity.
  • Rheological additives facilitate the penetration of the material into the narrow fissures and pits.
  • High adhesion to etched enamel.
  • Available in two colors: transparent opal (Clear) and opaque white (White).
  • Perfect disguise (White).
  • Control over fissure sealing for a long time (Clear).


  • Thoroughly clean the surface for filling and treat it with etching gel containing orthophosphoric acid and antiseptic additives (F&A Phospo). Etching time – about 15 seconds (for milk teeth – 90-120 seconds). Then wash with plenty of water.
  • The etched surface of the tooth should be white-blue  and after drying NO saliva, moisture or any contaminants should be allowed onto this surface.
  •  Dry the etched surface thoroughly.
  • Put one drop of F&A Fisfill on the mixing plate and using a brush apply a thin layer of it onto the etched surface.
  • Light-cure it for 20-30 seconds using a Light Unit.
  • Carefully close the syringe immediately after use.