F&A MerFill BULK

F&A MerFill BULK

Highly Filled Composite for posterior teeth.

MerFill Bulk is a light-cured, radiopaque fluoride-containing composite restorative material. It is intended for sealing of I and II class cavities.  MerFill Bulk possesses high degree of transparency and very low shrinkage at polymerization (1.63%) which makes it possible to draw it by layers up to 5 mm thick with the minimum polymerization stress. The material is very soft, can be perfectly modelled and it also adapts well in a cavity. It doesn’t stick to dental instruments.



  • As a replacing dentin basic layer of a composite material in I and II classes direct restorations.
  • In “sandwich” technique.
  • For crown buildup.


  • The high filler content of material (82%) provided by a new formula of a bimodal filler with average size of particles: main X-ray contrast phase – up to 8 microns; nanophase – 10-30 nanometers;
  • It can be perfectly combined with all types of opaque and enamel composite materials based on methacrylate intended for esthetic modeling of enamel surfaces;
  • Low polymerization shrinkage (less than 1.63%) is especially important when a dentist seals big cavities in one placement;
  • Excellent manual qualities – the material is very soft, plastic and doesn’t stick to a tool;
  • The Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) is very close to the one of tooth tissue – 24 x 10-6 cm/cmoC that provides the absence of thermal stresses in the restored tooth which can appear during meal (“hot-cold”);
  • High physical characteristics of the material, in particular:
  • Flexural Strength – 120 MPa;
  • Compression Strength – 270 MPa
  • It is manufactured in a universal transparent shade – U for ensuring the maximum depth of polymerization;
  • Uncured material has the increased resistance to natural and artificial lighting that allows to carry out long modeling without risk of premature polymerization of the material;
  • The material is radiopaque and contains fluorine.


  • 1. MerFill Bulk is applied and polymerized in one portion, with depth up to 5 mm.
  • 2. Filling the volume of lost dentin with portions up to 5 mm thick (and not in layers) significantly reduces the time spent on restoration.

Attention!  MerFill Bulk material requires overlap with a universal composite. We recommend MerFill Micro.

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