F&A MerFill MR

F&A MerFill MR

Modeling agent for wetting of composite materials.

MerFill MR is a 30% filled universal radiopaque light cured composite modeling agent which improves the adaptation of composite materials to hard tooth tissues and prevents the composite from sticking to the instruments.
MerFill MR can be used with any micro-hybrid composite restorative materials.


Composite moisturizing material MerFill MR is  used in the process of applying composite layers in case if the composite becomes too dry during layering and / or the oxygen-inhibited layer was removed (by contact with liquid) or destroyed (erased).
MerFill MR helps to improve the glide of the instrument during sculpting and contouring.


  • Provides natural individualization of highly aesthetic restorations.
  • Convenient application and practical use.
  • High covering ability.
  • Comfortable consistence.
  • Available in four shades.

To restore the oxygen-inhibited composite layer:

  1. Remove a lock cap and attach the tip to syringe.
  2. Apply a thin layer of MerFill MR over the cured composite layer. Blow air.
  3. Then apply a new layer of the composite restorative material.

To facilitate the tool sliding:

  • Apply a small amount of the material onto the instrument or onto the uncured composite.