Color light-cured flowable restorative composite with a pronounced effect of pearl shine or fluorescence.

New color, light-cured composite material with a pronounced effect of pearl shine or fluorescence for filling (mainly) milk teeth. Suitable for restoring erosive, damaged, discolored, and structurally deficient dental dentin and enamel.



  • Direct and indirect restorations for individualization of the restored teeth.
  • Restoration of temporary teeth in pediatric dentistry.
  • Sealing of fissures.
  • Restoration of cavities of I, III, V classes with minimal invasion.
  • Cavity after “tunnel” preparation.
  • Restoration of small defects in indirect and direct aesthetic restorations.
  • Reсonstruction of temporary restorations.
  • Temporary inlays.
  • Marking of sealed canals facilitating their search during refilling process.


  • High aesthetics due to a good balance of opacity and light reflection.
  • Fluorine release due to the presence of fluorine-containing filler provides long anti-carious activity.
  • The material is perfect for pediatric dentistry. Facilitates visual control for parents.
  • Superb bright colors turn the child’ visit to a dentist into an interesting game.
  • High motivation of children for treatment.
  • Excellent color stability.
  • Simple, quick and easy use, which is very important in pediatric dentistry.
  • Excellent flowability of material facilitates application.
  • It is cured by standard dental curing lamp.
  • Provides convenience and ease of work.

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