F&A Zure CaPF

F&A Zure CaPF

Chemically Activated Gel for Tooth Remineralization based on amorphous phosphates and calcium fluoride.

F&A Zure CaPF is a two-component oral gel product providing the remineralization and desensitizing teeth. The product contains a water soluble calcium phosphate salts, potassium nitrate, compounds containing fluoride ions and some other compounds. When mixed and applied on teeth, the Components A and B generate the formation of hydroxyapatite and fluorine apatite formation on teeth tissue and provides desensitizing effect on the tissues of the teeth.



  • Caries prevention of tooth decay and milk molars.
  • Caries in the stage of spot.
  • Pathological abrasion of teeth (bruxism).
  • High sensitivity of the teeth.
  • During orthodontic treatment and after it.
  • After the professional care.
  • Before and after teeth whitening.
  • Fluorosis.
  • Erosion of the enamel.
  • In case of insufficient or unbalanced nutrition


  • Provides remineralizing and desensitizing effect.
  • Contains fluorine compounds in concentration that ensures the presence of about 1,100 ppm of fluoride ions which provides a strong carious protective effect.
  • It has a neutral acid-base balance which helps to avoid irritation of the gum tissues.
  • The presence of a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in the gel composition contributes to a slight whitening of the teeth.
  • It has a pleasant taste and smell.
  • The gel as anti gingivitis action.
  • It is perfect for the procedure following the teeth whitening.


  • Before the beginning of treatment, a professional hygiene complex is carried out: the hygienist must remove hard supra-and sub – gingival  dental  deposits,  pigmented plaque. If there are diseases of periodontal tissues or there is damage of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity a restorative treatment should be carried out within 3 – 10 days so that the kappa does not irritate the gingival margin. The oral cavity must be sanitized: all teeth destroyed by the carious process should be treated and all traumatic factors should be eliminated.

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