F&A MerFill Line

F&A MerFill Line

A light-cured one-component lining material having high biocompatibility and the ability of long-term fluoride release.

MerFill Line is a radiopaque light-cured one-component liner and a base for restoration. MerFill Line has a high biocompatibility and it is able to release fluoride for a long time due to the content of complex fluorides, hydroxyapatite and calcium hydroxide. The liner possesses its own adhesion to the dentin.


It is used as a lining material for cavities and as the base for restorations


  • Radiopaque light-cured one-component material (liner/base) for restorations.
  • It contains calcium hydroxide, hydroxyapatite, complex fluorides, adhesion enhancers in a unique methacrylate matrix.
  • Possesses good adhesion to dentin.
  • It has high biocompatibility and is able to release fluoride for a long time.
  • It has a high degree of opacity which makes it a good basis for subsequent restoration.


  • Prepare the cavity, clean and dry it thoroughly. Be sure that  no traces of eugenol are left in the cavity. MerFill Line lining material should not be used in combination with the eugenol- containing materials. It is recommended to use eugenol-free temporary cements.
  • Apply a layer of the liner onto the surface of dentin using a small round probe. MerFill Line is applied only onto the surface of dentin, it should not be applied onto the surface    of enamel.
  • Direct exposure of day light onto the material should be avoided as this can make the material  to be cured prematurely.
  • The thickness of the first layer should be no more than 0.3 -0.5 mm. Cure for 20-30 seconds. The light guide should be positioned as close as possible to the surface of the material.
  • If it is necessary to apply a thicker layer apply a second layer (not more than 1.5 mm thick) and light-cure it.